Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Save battery on AMOLED screens by turning off pixels!

As you might know, super AMOLED screens are the ones that can turn OFF pixels when showing black color. This makes the color much more realistic, deeply saturated and look just better compared to other types of screen. And one thing more, it does save battery. So ..why should you keep the unecessary pixels runnin'?

There's this handy little app called Pixel OFF Save Battery AMOLED, which as you might guess turns off "unecessary" pixels on your AMOLED display. And how the app does it?

Pixel OFF Save Battery AMOLED - screenshot thumbnailPixel OFF Save Battery AMOLED - screenshot thumbnailPixel OFF Save Battery AMOLED - screenshot thumbnail

Now if you check the screenshots above, you might already guess of what's going on here. The app creates a mesh based on three different levels. Because of the high density displays nowadays, you won't probably even see the the "Mesh 1" but what it actually does, is that it creates and turns off a few pixels in a little mesh on your display.

Mesh 2 followed by Mesh 3 are a bit more aggresive, turning off a much greater area of pixels on your displays making it less comfortable to look on but the battery life will last a lot longer than ever before.

Despite the beautiful Material interface of the app, it doesn't cause any problems, bugs and it's easy to use and pretty understandable.

Note the app will only work on AMOLED-powered devices but if you still want to give it a shot (for some reason), you can download the app and see for yourself (the mesh will be visible even on non-amoled screens but I experience some weird ghost touches on my G3..huh)

Download on Google Play

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