Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Create your own Flappy Bird version with FlappyCreator!

Remember that game, Flappy Bird? Yeah, it's been a while. And did you know you can actually create your own Flappy Bird version, with custom images, title, background or even sounds? Take a look at FlappyCreator!

FlappyCreator.com is a web where you can crete your very own Flappy Bird version. Create your bird, change the background or even those known ring sounds!

Step 1, game info. Name your game, sign yourself as the author, and write the intstructions.

Continue modding the pictures, add your custom ground, background, tubes and choose your own bird.

Finally, change the audio! Got some funny noises? Add them there!

Too lazy? Don't worry, there's a "random" section with all the Flappy Bird modifications that you can try out, take a look here!

Go to Flappycreator.com and start now!

Show us what you got! Mention Android Hackz on G+ or Tweet @MiraVitula and share your creations!

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