Thursday, March 19, 2015

Use your phone like Wii controller to play Tennis Racketeering!

Tennis Racketeering is a fun game that lets you use your Android phone as a tennis rocket and therefore control the game with. The only thing you need to install is just one app and you're ready to play!

You don't necessarily need multiple Android devices as the game can be played without a controlled but that's not really that fun.

Firstly install Tennis Racketeering app on your main device (the one with the biggest screen so all the players can see what's happening).

Then install Tennis Racketeering Racket app on your controllers. When you're done, pair your controllers with the main device. When paired, you're good to go! Choose multiplayer (or singleplayer, if you're on your own), get your rockets ready and go!

 Tennis Racketeering - screenshot thumbnail
Tennis Racketeering - screenshot

Tennis Racketeering Racket - screenshot thumbnail

Be very careful when playing, though! A broken rocket is not that easy to repair, you know.

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