Friday, March 27, 2015

How to enable LG's Quick Remote on custom AOSP-based ROMs?

Devices like LG G2 and G3 are equipped with an IR blaster which is very useful for controlling devices such TVs, projectors, radios, set-top boxes or even air conditioners. Unfortunately, the IR blaster and the QuickRemote app itself worked on the stock ROM (and custom ROMs based on this stock version, such as CandyG3) and if you wanted to flash an AOSP-based ROM, you had to live with the fact that the QuickRemote will not work. Well, not anymore.

The "guys from the XDA", exactly sefnap, RieGo and zzeneg have ported the QuickRemote app for LG G2 and G3 and made it working on all AOSP based ROMs.

The default SELinux policy for android was changed to enforcing mode in Lollipop to increase security. This restricts the functionality of some apps, so for QuickRemote to work we have to change the SELinux policy back to permissive mode until we have a better solution.

Instructions? Classic; just flasth the ZIP. Don't forget to make a backup, or at least download the uninstall version zip (that will remove the mod once flashed).

First make sure the init.d support is enabled, you can use this app.


  1. NO!!!!
    also cannot!!
    i tried to retry but...can't!!

  2. I've tried every hack I've found for this issue, and none of them have worked - including this one. I've signed out and wiped all the Google Apps data. I've completely uninstalled and reinstalled every google related app. I followed the steps here, although my option in Account History was to PAUSE each item, not turn off. I paused everything, rebooted, made sure I was signed out of Google Apps, wiped Google Apps data, signed in and turned everything back in. Same deal: "network error. check your network connections and try again"