Saturday, February 14, 2015

Xposed Framework for Android Lollipop - It's here!

Woho! It's here. Finally, the Xposed Framework for Android Lollipop and the "newly released" ART runtime is here and working!

As the XDA informed, the well-known Xposed Framework which lets you to edit the system and customize loads of stuff including system animations, navigation / system bars and many more, is finally working on Android Lollipop.

The reason it took so long was the "new" ART Runtime for Android, which has been fully used in Android Lollipop. Well, we waited and we're excited to see it's finally here.

We're just a few hours ago from the release so yes, it's currently in Alpha stage and there are some known problems:

- It seems to boot loop on Samsung stock ROMs. I have received a file which I can use to analyse this issue, but it might take some time.

- If everything is working fine, but the app_process version is not displayed, it's just a display error that can be ignored (will be fixed later).

It is recommended to back up your whole system (make a Nandroid backup) before installing the Xposed Framework for Android Lollipop.

Downloads & more info:

First flash the ZIP, then install the APK.

Have fun!

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