Thursday, February 12, 2015

OnePlus reveals the new team working on OxygenOS - It's the guys from Paranoid Android!

OnePlus has recently teased us with the new OxygenOS ROM for OnePlus One. Now, when it's all confirmed, we finally know who's behind the ROM development; and it's hell of a team!

OnePlus OxygenOS

So, who's in the team? Well, you might be surprised but there are people who are working on Paranoid Android. The head of mobile product is Helen - worked as a software development engineer at Microsoft. The Android technical lead is managed by Aaron - a software architect and also a co-founder of Paranoid Android.
The UI/UX designer is Arz Bhatia - The amazing designer with a creative mind, also working in Paranoid Android.

And then there's the Android Development team with a plenty of awesome people working on the OxygenOS including Carlo Savignano, Jesús, Hieu (all working on PA) Karim, Yamil and many others.

No need to say the new OxygenOS will be amazing!

Read the official team introduction


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