Tuesday, February 17, 2015

[LIST] Xposed Modules working on Android Lollipop

You've probably heard of Xposed Framework, the amazing tool that lets you completely customize your system layout and Android system in general without flashing, modyfing system values etc. Xposed Framework has finally gotten onto Android Lollipop platforms but unfortunately not all the modules are fully working now. Some of them cause severe UI lags, some just don't work at all.
Here's a quick list of working Xposed modules on Android Lollipop.

An XDA member amit3880 has set up a nice list showing whether your favourite module will or will not work on Android Lollipop.


  • ChromePie
  • Greenify
  • Amplify
  • XPrivacy
  • XHalo Multi Window
  • Noverflow
  • KeepChat
  • AppOppsXposed
  • Statusbar download progress
  • GravityBox KK
  • Sense 6 toolbox
  • Wanam Kit
And more.

Found your favourite there? Well, you'll have to wait some time till all the bugs and issues are resolved and be sure to frequently check the list and main Xposed Framework forum on XDA.

See the full list of working/non working xposed modules on Android Lollipop:

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  1. רפאל אברמשויליFebruary 18, 2015 at 7:24 AM

    XHaloFloatingWinsdow IS working but you need to download version 2.38! Check it yourself it works for me :)