Saturday, January 24, 2015

NO ROOT - How to remove UI lags on LG G3

LG's flagship, the G3, is really a stunning phone. Many people know this device mostly because of its shocking 2K display and with extreme high dpi but there are a few glitches because of this. This 2K display is really hard to handle and the powerful Snapdragon CPU clocked at 2.5Ghz may heat up a bit when playing some high-end 3D games, for example. And this is the main reason of UI lags you've probably experienced when you got the phone.
The lags are no big, just tiny little hiccups when the phone gets overheated. And why's that?
Well, the main cause of this is High temperature property and Thermal daemon mitigation.

What these two function do, is that they pump fown the FPS a touch to protect the phone from overheating and cool it down. It's not a bad idea but sometimes it may get a bit annoying when the power is really needed.

If you're a G3 user but don't have your phone rooted, nevermind! This time root access will not be needed.

  1. Access hidden menu on your G3.
To open hidden menu, open the dialer app input one of these numbers (that matches your carrier).
After you type the last digit, hidden menu will open on its own. If you're using Verizon carrier, you'll have to call the number.

3845#*855# (for International model)
3845#*851# (for T-Mobile)
3845#*850# (fot AT&T)
##228378 - Verizon

After you successfully opened the hidden menu, scroll down till you see High Temperature Property OFF and turn it ON. Enabling this will disable the high temperature property.

We're not done yet, scroll down a bit more till you see Daemon Mitigation OFF and again, enable it to turn this function off.

Now, reboot your G3. You're done.

Disabling these function will no longer turn the brightness down when the device gets overheated so beware when streaming or doing stuff with high brightness.

Have fun!

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