Tuesday, December 2, 2014

How To Hack Google In-App Purchases? (And get paid stuff for free)

Here's a little app that can get you paid stuff like coins, gems or whatever you need for games and basically all apps (called IAP - in-app purchases) FOR FREE! Seriously.

First of all, this walkthrough is for educational purposes only, we don't take any responsibility for any of your acts.

Let's get to it!

There's a little app called Lucky Patcher. It's made by a guy known as ChelpuS and it's a really powerful tool. It can hack Google purchases but also crack licenses, remove Google Ads, modify app permissions and much more.

After you open up the Lucky Pather app, the list of installed apps will appear. Some of the titles will turn blue (most of them, actually), which displays the apps with Google Advertisments.

Some of them will appear green, that means these apps have License Verification. You can crack the license also with this app.

And some of the app titles will turn yellow. That means there's a custom patch for that app. For instance, Titanium Backup has a custom patch. By patching the application, you'll basically gain the Pro features out of the free version without paying.

Under some apps you'll see a little text that says In app purchases found. As you can tell, these apps have the IAP from Google.

  1. Click on the app that says In app purchases found.
  2. Select Open menu of patches
  3. Hit Support Patch for Inapp and LVL emulation
  4. Leave the two checkboxes and hit apply.
  5. Open the app (restart if needed) and try to buy something. A little box with two checkboxes will pop up. Try leaving them unchecked and buy something. If that doesn't work, try to check those two boxes. Still nothing? Try leaving just one (the first one or the second one) checked.

Lucky Patcher can be downloaded on the official site. The newer versions come with integrated auto-update manager so you don't have to worry about updating your app every once a while.

Lucky Patcher is also available on Google Play Store (called Lucky AppManager) but obviuosly doesnt't include functions such as license cracking, IAP hack and other stuff. However, there are some handy stuff you can do with it, such as move apps to sdcard, send APK files using bluetooth and more. You can get it for free:

Walkthrough is for educational purposes only.

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