Friday, December 5, 2014

Dsploit merges with zANTI and create the most powerful hacking tool for Android

Good news, my dearest fellow hackers. You might already know this but I've just found out that one of the best hacking softwares for mobile phones and tablets running Android, DSploit, has now merged with another huge company ZImperium which makes a powerful, top-class design hacking/security tool for Android called ZANTI. What's more, there's a new app!
Really awesome news. The new app's called ZANTI2 and has really some awesome features. Let's check them out:

Screenshot 2014 12 05 19 48 10Screenshot 2014 12 05 19 48 31

Screenshot 2014 12 05 19 48 39Screenshot 2014 12 05 19 48 46

As you can see on the images above, there's been a complete redesign to the app. It looks like the ZImperium took care of the design, whereas evilsocket implemented some really sick stuff into the app.

Firstly, there's a Password complexity audit tab which when clicked, attempts to crack weak passwords in the web. You select the dictionary (small, huge, numbers..) and protocol.

The MITM (Man in the middle) section also underwent some improvements. You can now modify each HTTP request as it passes through your device with zPacketEditor.

There's also a new MITM method, you can use either ICMP or the ARP method. SLLStrip works fine, so does the redirect, image replacement and HTML code insertion to the sites.

Another awesome function is called Capture Download and Intercept Download. With these two fucntions you can capture the victim's downloaded file and store it on your device, or you can even replace the downloaded file with a specific one. This takes it to a whole new level.

You can download ZANTI2 for free direclty on


  1. Hi Miroslav :)

    I try this is look great but i think is not good.I think we need good tutorial by you to tell us what this program can do and how. :)

  2. Hi and thanks for your comment!
    Unfortunately, I can't make a YouTube tutorial of this app because it would violate the YouTube guidelines and rules. All I can do, is to make an article about what this app does and how you control it.

    I would really love to make a video about this amazing app but I simply can not. Hope you understand.

  3. Hi :)

    Yes I Know but you can make here in your blog tutorial with text and picture. :)Explanation for each function and know how. :)


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  7. I see in Youtube how zAnti1(the first version) reboth iphone. Can you teach us how to do that in this zanti 2? And teach us meny codes?

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