Saturday, December 27, 2014

Advanced computer hacking using Android phone with zANTI2

Recently I've mentioned the new zANTI2 app from Zimperium and the developer or well-known hacking app called dSploit, and I took a closer look at it. It does pretty crazy stuff indeed!
I was really curious of how remote connection to a host/victim works, so I managed to connect to my PC and I was able to view all my directories and files in it. Pretty cool.

Actually, I don't even know why is the article called "advanced computer hacking", this is pretty easy.


You can see available ports, and finally the directory that I was able to view from my Android phone.

Unfortunately, I was not able to use the Zetasploit which exploits a vulnerability and lets the hacker access Windows UI using VNC but I found a quick video:

This is a pretty neat exploit, that's for sure.

As you can see in the second half of the video, he estabilished a shell connection using ConnectBot and shut down the victim's PC afterwards.

That all, With one app. ZANTI2.
See the original article plus download:


  1. And work to hack cellphones when they are connected same Wi-Fi?

  2. My firend,

    Thx for posting this. But I dont know how to get in downloads in my PC? I try this port but i dind know. Can you please explain me which port use. And it will be greate if you explain every port in this program. What we can do and how? That will be cool and that will be useful. You can make BIG tutorial. Like, every two days explain us a one port with pictures and text. etc... you will have many tutorials :)