Monday, November 24, 2014

TOP 5 Endless Running games for Android

Endless runner type of games are one of the most favourites genres of games. There is no game story, game is simple, though usually difficult. Score is the primary thing here. Highest score = winner.
Here are the TOP5.

1. Giant Boulder Of Death
As the name probably suggests, you're controlling a massive boulder and your target is to destroy everything you come across. Buildings, people, soldiers. To make it harder, there are insidious spikes and mines that will try to stop you.

There are also a lot of achievements, goals and tasks so even if you're not trying to currently break your current record, you can hunt those!

Giant Boulder of Death - screenshot thumbnailGiant Boulder of Death - screenshot thumbnail

2. Daddy Long Legs
An awesome I came across today. Very simple & very difficult. Your task is to take control over a little creature with very long legs.
The longer you walk with this thing, the better. You control it with tapping on the screen, 1 tap = 1 step. Sounds easy? It's not!

Daddy Long Legs - screenshot thumbnailDaddy Long Legs - screenshot thumbnail

3. Air Penguin
Air penguin, the game we all probably forgot about, though it offers a really cool way to control "your penguin". Using your gyroscope sensor (sorry Moto G users) you are able to navigate it to land on the little floes. However, you'll meet some hungry sharks and other things that'll try to stop you from being happy. Game includes story & survival mode.

Air Penguin® - screenshot thumbnailAir Penguin® - screenshot thumbnail

4. Jetpack Joyride
Yea, yea. That's the classic, right? Remember all the character customizations, bonuses and all the stuff? Let's play it one more time.

Jetpack Joyride - screenshot thumbnail

5.  Agent Dash
I've always enjoyed this one. Simply GAFAUC (Get as far as you can) thing. Apart from other games, this game has a bunch of various areas that you can go through which makes it more interesting. Game's free but unfortunately, they've added some paid bonuses including the jetpack bonus, which will get you further. Therefore, the classic "More money = higher score" rule appears also on this game. Despite this fact, it's really a good game. Go'n'get it!

Agent Dash - screenshot thumbnailAgent Dash - screenshot thumbnailAgent Dash - screenshot thumbnail

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