Monday, November 10, 2014

5 Amazing (+1 WTF) Games We Used To Play on our Android phones

Remember your first Android phone? What was it? And what about the games you used to play on it? Let's check the TOP5 games we used to play on your Androids.

Now, when there's Tegra CPUs along with extreme powerful Snapdragons it doesn't take a super-expensive phone to play GTA on high settings. A few years ago, however, we used to play some really not-demanding games but heck, they were really amazing. Let's take a look at 'em.

1. Copter Classic
Copter classic doesn't include word classic for nothing. This IS a real classic. We used to play this game on T-Mobile G1, or HTC Dream if you want; the first Android-powered phone.

Copter Classic - screenshot thumbnail

Remember your score?

2. Drag Racing
Drag Racing is (and was) a cool 2D game. As the name suggests, you drag race your opponents. There are a bunch of cars and now there's multiplayer option, too! So what are you waiting for?

Drag Racing - screenshot thumbnail

3. Dragon, Fly!
Who wouldn't remember this. An extremly addictive games with a little dragon where you "run" away from your big dragon mum through realms, hills and such. Not a shame to play it on your 2.5Ghz beast at all. Great game!

Dragon, Fly! Free - screenshot thumbnail

4. My Paper Plane 2
The second part of an amazing game series "My Paper Plane" was the best. You play as a paper plane, and your mission is to get as far as possible. There are plenty of obstacles, realms, levels and much more. As a 3D game, it ran very smoothly even on low-end devices, making this game one of the most famous old school 3D games ever.

My Paper Plane 2 (3D) Full - screenshot thumbnail

5. Trial Xtreme 2
It didn't take long to finally make a really cool, 3D realistic game such as Trial Extreme.
With over 50 Million of downloads, it became one of the most popular 3D games of its time.
Trial xtreme uses a cutting edge NVIDIA PhysX engine and provides an ultra-realistic physics and makes the game even more realistic!

Trial Xtreme 2 Racing Sport 3D - screenshot thumbnail

Download Trial Xtreme 2

Milk The Cow
Here comes the WTF part. Milk The Cow is a challenging game where your task is to milk the cow.
So, can you beat your friends?

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