Tuesday, October 14, 2014

G2 Users, There's A Full LG G3 ROM For You!

Got a G2? Then you might be interested in viewing this article, talking about some cool stuff! Go and get the LG G3 ROM onto your phone now!

A recognized XDA developer, Cloudyfa, has made an amazing port called Cloudy G3, which (as the name suggests), fully ports the LG G3 ROM with all the stuff and lets you to enjoy it on your G2 as well!

Stable, fast, fresh. That's what CloudyG3 is. This ROM is ported from the original G3 software, comes with pre-installed SuperSU, Busybox, Adblock, splitview and all the functions!

To install this ROM, make a full wipe, download & install the KitKat Baseband, then install the CloudyG3. Aroma installer will guide you through this.

Check the screens!

Questions? Head over to XDA Thread! Happy flashing!

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