Thursday, October 2, 2014

[APK] OnePlus One Lockscreen!

OnePlus One Lockscreen on your device? Why not! Check this awesome port out!

A Developer called abell413, has already ported one of awesome lockscreens, the Android L lockscreen (download here). Now he ported a lockscreen from one of the most powerful and most discussed devices on the market available, the OnePlus One!

OnePlus Lockscreen - screenshot thumbnailOnePlus Lockscreen - screenshot thumbnailOnePlus Lockscreen - screenshot thumbnail

The lockscreen looks and feels the same just as it is in CyanogenMod 11S. You can customize the colors, and it's very intuitive, too! By default it shows you the current date & time, battery life and notifications. It also has its interface when listening to music. You can also access the camera by swyping to the left.

App is free & available on Google Play Store!

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