Friday, September 26, 2014

Xperia Z3 Launcher + Widget PORTED!

The new flagship from Sony - the Xperia Z3. Beautfil design, screen, high specs. What more to say, here's the launcher + widget port!

Check the screens for more info:

Hot or not?

Installation is pretty simple. Downlaod the file, flash the file.


On screen button devicess (N4,N5..):

NON-On screen buton devices:

If you have a mdpi device, head over to this thread:

Got the Xperia Launcher has stopped error? Navigate to system/build.prop (using a root browser), open it as a text file and add these lines below:


Make a backup before flashing the zip or modyfing any system files.


  1. Same here. It don't work for 2/3 of games. When I click on dragon city from freedom it even says this app can't be free.

  2. Try using the Lucky Patcher. Open it, click the app you want to hack and select IAP emulation. The app will be patched in a few seconds. The open it and try to buy something. If everything works, a little window will pop-up with two check boxes. Firstly, leave them both unchecked and see what happends. If nothing happens, try checking both of them and then just one of those two boxes. That should work.

    Download Lucky Patcher:

  3. Cant run google play. I stoped it but it says apllication Google Play stop working. Please help.

  4. I've heard of this. First make sure the Freedom is stopped (open the app, hit menu and click on stop) and then force close the Google Play and also clear the cache. Then reboot. If that still doesnt work, you might need to reinstall. Please check our newer article, there's a better app for this:

  5. Thanks bro, it works now.