Saturday, August 30, 2014

CrossBreeder for Android - Increase Performance, Remove Lags, Speed Up Network and more

CrossBreeder for Android is an amazing mod improving your device performance and making your device generally faster, makes UI and animations smoother and just makes it better. Let's take a look!

To install Crossbreeder, just flash one ZIP in recovery and you're done. However, you can also control the entropy generator using this app:

You can enable Tweak IO, DNSMasq (that increases DNS query speed), and eventually the CrossBreeder main toggle switch. There's also a number of available entropy in your system.

As mentioned, to install the mod just flash the ZIP. If anything goes wrong, you can flash the uninstaller to revert the changes back.

Enjoy your faster device!

Still slow? Install the PurePerformancesX mod and boost your phone even more!


  1. I find easy wifi crack !! You must see it - tested and work :)

  2. I have gs3 i downloaded the bcmon and its crashing every time please help me !!!!!
    Thank you

  3. Hi Jane,
    Unfortunately, SGS3 is not supported by bcmon at the moment.

  4. I have samsung s5 how do I hack with this bad ass phone

  5. Thanks for sharing! :) There's another app : WPS Pin. I've tried it and it works. Follow the tutorial to using wps pin.

  6. You don't. Read through the tutorial and you see it only supports broadcomm chipsets, which ended in the galaxy series after the SG2. If you still want to do this you would need a wireless adapter with a chipset that supports network monitoring to plug into your phone.

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  8. it now supported on s2 plus

  9. I tried this with my old N7000.
    Installed cyanogenmod, bcmon starts, monitor mode is enabled.
    Chipset is supported.
    I use this program on my own wep router, 64 bits password.

    First, this program always seems to freeze up when I click "start cracking"
    Sometimes it updates after 10 mins of cracking but it's very rare. Usually the cracking window stays frozen on 10 seconds progress. I can still use the rest of the program so it is not stuck or anything. Just doesn't update the cracking results.

    So I copied the. Cap files over to my pc and use aircrack-ng Gui for Windows to go to town on the cap file.
    I got up to 200.000 iv's and it still says "try again with 200.500 iv's next time.

    It just tells me I need 5000 more iv's each time I try.

    What am I missing here?

  10. Keep on mind that bcmon requires ROOTED android ! !