Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Atlas Browser - Material Design, Dual View, AdBlock and more

There are many, many browsers on the Play Store and with every day there are more and more. Some of them lack speed, some are not that easy to use or are very limited. Let's take a look at new Atlas Browser, which is supposedly one of the best current browsers on the store.

Atlas is extremly functional and offers the best features:

  • Uses AdBlock Plus filters to remove annoying ads, pop-ups and more
  • Uses special Control Panel with switch between HI-FI, LO-FI (Javascript free) and Text Only.
  • Material design-based interface!
  • Dual-View mode that lets you video more tabs at once
  • And many more!
Atlas Web Browser (BETA) - screenshot thumbnailAtlas Web Browser (BETA) - screenshot thumbnailAtlas Web Browser (BETA) - screenshot thumbnail

Atlas is currently in BETA stage, so not all the functions may be fully functional but you have the chance to try out premium features till the app reaches the stable version! So what are you waiting for!?


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  2. Google Playstore link doesn't work. Would you mind post the apk ?

  3. Sorry for the problems. The link has been updated:

  4. still not working

  5. Well.... 8/10 The most amazing thing in the apps is the weather animation (that's why I download it).
    Everything works great (GT -I9500) But weather animation is just a pic no amazing HTC M8 video...
    Any chance for a different release were image is animation (amazing M8 video).

    Will upload logs if requested.