Saturday, July 19, 2014

How To Install & Run Windows XP/95 on Android?

Feeling bored? No new ROMs to install? Run Windows 95 on your device and get some nostalgia to your mobile phone/tablet! It's really easy.
At first, I wanted to tag this as useful tools but honestly, there's really no "useful way" to use Windows 95 on your Android device, is it? Just remember the ole' days, right.

To run Windows 95, you need to download an image file. Hit the link below to download Windows 95 and Windows XP IMG files:

One more thing, we need an emulator. Limbo PC Emulator should be fine. Download It!

Let's set up the emulator.
  1. Open it up
  2. Tap on Load VM, select New
  3. Set User Interface to SDL
  4. Scroll down to Hard Disk A, open the image you downloaded
  5. set CPU model to qemu32
  6. RAM Memory set to 120MB or 60 if you have smaller RAM (you can set it up higher for faster bootup and overall performance but it might crash. See available RAM in settings to know how high can you go).
  7. Hit START!
  8. You're done.

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Check the video tutorial if you're feeling confused:

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