Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Get LG Knock Code on your Android device!

LG recently showed up the new feature called Knock Code, which is a new way of protecting your device. Instead of PINs or passwords, you just knock the screen. It's easy, fast and intuitive. And now, you can get this feature right to your device as well!

There are four tiles in Knock Code security. To unlock your phone, you need to knock the right combination of the tiles.

Check the author's video for demonstration:

Now, to get the Knock Code on your device, you have to be rooted and have Xposed Framework installed. (Yes, this is an xposed module. For more info about Xposed Framework + download, please click HERE).

After installing and enabling the module, you should have your Knock Code installed on your device.

If you install Xposed Framework for the first time, nandroid backup is suggested.


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