Thursday, June 12, 2014

Quantum Paper - The New Replacement of Holo?

In last few weeks, we could see (and get) new app updates of Google+, for instance, with brand new kind of design. Well, this isn't any coincidence or Google experimenting with new design. This is supposedly the new kind of design framework called Quantum Paper. Will it replace Holo?


Does it look familiar to you? Yes, the "plus icon" from Google+ is already out here.

However, more apps are on the way! We expect Gmail, Calendar and some more system apps to be updated with this new, redefined design.


This new design is called Quantum Paper and it's going to be available not only for Android platform but also on iOS and web. Remember this screenshot?

We'll probably see this design with upcoming app updates and/or system updates. Nothing is confirmed, though, and we can currently only speculate about further information.

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