Friday, June 27, 2014

PORTED - Android L Keyboard, Wallpaper, Apps, Fonts and more!

We may not know how the new Android version is called, but we already have ported these awesome apps from it! Now, you can enjoy wallpapers, apps, fonts, the new keyboard and more on your Android device as well!

So, we got a full system dump from ivan123 that contains:

- All Android L apps
- Fonts
- Wallpapers
- Ringtones & alarms
- Google Play Services
- Boot animation

Untitled 1

Unfortunately, not all apps are working fine and you may experience crashes or other problems.
However, you can give it a try!

The apps are not flashable, so to install them, you have to push the apk to /system/app, clear dalvik cache & apps cache, change permissions  (rw-r-r--) and reboot.

Fortunately, you don't need to be rooted to get the wallpaper...and Google Keyboard!

To install Google Keyboard, download the APK, uninstall the previous version, install this one and change the theme to material in advanced settings of the app.


For more, visit XDA Thread.


To get the new Android L soft keys, install SoftKeyZ app, enter the softkeys gallery and install the Android L SoftKey design!


  1. is it available in google play?cant see it

  2. Freedom is obviously NOT available on Google Play as it's illegal to use it. Be careful with this app, please.

  3. trying to purchase gems in clash it says tap for info then says purchases unavailable google play store app needs to be updated

  4. Try it with the newest version of Google Play, it might work.

  5. it said free card and i dropped phone on my face now it just says pending transaction

  6. Try dropping your phone on your face once again, it will work for sure.

  7. What is root acess ? How to deal with that ?

  8. I have the same problem it won't open because I don't have "root access" what ever that means

  9. try this method to get root