Thursday, June 19, 2014

Navigation bar not only for navigation with Xtended NavBar

Navigation bar (or back, home and multitasking buttons) is naturally one of the most used part of the system in Android. But why only these three buttons? The navbar is almost every time there so why only three buttons there? Well, FBarrosoApps with this awesome app called Xtended Navbar mods it and adds an amazing thing: by swyping from edges you can access quick settings, your favourite apps or music player!
Firstly, watch the demo to see what's all this about:

Impressive, isn't it? And it's pretty easy to set it up! It's basically a xposed framework module, so you have to install this framework first in case to get this app (read HERE.) After that, you're done!

Xtended NavBar - screenshot thumbnailXtended NavBar - screenshot thumbnailXtended NavBar - screenshot

As mentioned, there are currently three features:

  • Music player
  • Quick settings
  • Favourite apps (donate)
Definitely worths a shot!

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