Tuesday, June 3, 2014

[APK] LG G3 Keyboard Ported!

The new LG's flagship, the G3, has brought and revelaed some amazing stuff. Features, apps, hardware tweaks and much more things. Luckily, one of these things has been ported - the LG G3 Keyboard.

The G3 "smart" keyboard is a beatuful-themed keyboard with nice design. And not only this - it has a bunch of known features such as word prediction, swype and more.

Moreover, you can now freely customize the height of the keyboard so now you'll type even faster!


Check this cool video to find out more about this smart keyboard:

Thanks to Cloudyfa [xda] - you can install this awesome keyboard without having the G3! :-P

If you have JB/KK based ROM, you can easily flash the ZIP or install this APK file and you're done!

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