Monday, May 19, 2014

[TUTORIAL] Cracking WiFi - How To Hack WEP Router Easily on Android? (Using aircrack-ng)

 There have been plenty of WiFi hacking tutorial so I've finally decided to make one. In this one we'll be hacking a WEP secured WiFi using aircrack-ng and bcmon for Android. Let's do it!

We obviously need a rooted device for this action. Unfortunately, we also need a monitor mode for Android, which isn't currently supported for all devices. Some known are Nexus7, Nexus One, Galaxy S2 and some more. You can check your luck HERE.
On the brighter side, to install Bcmon, you don't need to flash or compile anything anymore, just install this APK:

After downloading, open it and enable the monitor mode. If it continuously crashes on your device, it's mostly likely due to non-compatibility. Bummer.

If everything went as expected, you're free to run bcmon terminal. This will launch the command prompt where we'll be finding the key for our WiFi.

  1. Type airodump-ng to the terminal. Wait till it loads.
  2. Type airodump-ng wlan0 
  3. Write down the MAC adress of the router.
  4. Now we need to collect some packages so we can crack the key. Type:
    airodump-ng -c channel# --bssid MAC address -w output ath0
  5. Wait till you got about 30 000 packets.
  6. Now you're ready to crack. Type
    aircrack-ng output*.cap
  7. This will create an output file. While KEY FOUND! message appears, check the output. Make sure the probability of the key is the highest possible.
  8. Now you got the key! Enter it without ":" (e.g: ab:cd:ef, you enter abcdef).

It doesn't have to be that difficult!

Hacks are getting more and more easier to use and more available even for non-professional users. An XDA member deviato has published an awesome app that can do all of this cool stuff on its own.
Basically, the only thing you do, is to push some buttons and than wait till the key is found.
screenshot 2

It has three section: fake autoh, deauth/capturing, and crack section.

Tutorial,download and more info can be found in the older article:

Happy hacking!

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