Thursday, May 15, 2014

[GUIDE] Kali for Android - Hacking Made With Style | Rebirth of Backtrack

I'm pretty sure you all have already heard about one of the most complete and one of the best hacking tool called BackTrack. It contains almost every hacking tool you may need including the Aircrack-ng, which cracks secured WiFi (pretty fast, I can say). Unfortunately, Backtrack has been stopped maintained and it's not supported anymore. The new generation has come: Kali.
Now as you might expect, Kali is developed either for PC's but also for Android CPU architecture.
It's not that hard to install Kali on your Android device and if you have enough space on your phone, you're good to go.

Installing Kali

First of all, download Linux Deploy app. This app lets you to easily install any Linux OS that's supported for your phone.

Open it, setup the distribution (Kali) and setup your screen VNC width and height to resolution of your phone (e.g 1920x1080 if you have Nexus 5, Htc One and other FullHD phones).

After setting, click on install. Make sure you have enough space on your phone (about 7GB is required). After isntalling, click on reconfigure. After reconfiguring, click the START button and mount the system.

Setup it like this:

Nick: Linux
Pass: changeme
Port: 5900
Color format set to 24-bit

Hit connect.

Open terminal, type sudo apt-get install software-center to install Linux software center.
Now you're running Kali!

To stop it, just go back to your Linux Deploy app and stop the service. That's pretty much all.

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