Thursday, May 29, 2014

Easily Freeze/Unfreeze apps with "Freeze It!"

Do you have any system app that you don't use and basically you don't need it? Why not to Freeze It! This simple app easily and incredibly fastly freezes any app you want, so your device will be faster, lighter and simplier!

Let's face it: big manufacturers such as LG, Samsung or others implements useless (for some useful) apps that makes the system slower, and takes a bunch of free storage. These apps are called bloatware.

If you're rooted, no problem for you! You can always delete the app, right? Or no?

Well, the problem might be, if you delete any system app, you just can't update your device using OTA (Over-The-Air) update. So how to get rid of it? Freeze It!

Freeze It is very (very) simple app, yet it has very (very) useful usage. Using android shell command pm disable it freezes (or disables) any app (whether it's system or user app) and makes it basically invisible. Not only invisible to you, but also invisble to system. It's just literally gone.

When the OTA update finally arrives, don't worry! You can always restore your freezed app and make it "visible" to system! Don't worry, no system nor user data are lost. App is free and available on Google Play:

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