Tuesday, May 6, 2014

[APP] Take Photos Without Opening Your Camera With "Shoot It"

The best shots are created in fractions of seconds, even miliseconds. If we want to create a stunning camera shot, we just need to be fast and always ready to capture the right moment. Well, this might be the problem of smartphone cameras nowadays because they just don't launch that fast as we want so the moment we want to capture is just gone. But what if we want to take photos without camera opened, would that be possible? Yes, it would! With Shoot It!

"Shoot it" is an awesome app letting you to capture photos any time you want without having camera opened. It's fast and simple. The app is just an icon - no interface or design is included. To take a photo, just tap it. That's everything you need to do. Your photo will be automaticlly taken and will be stored to your classic photo storage.

App is available for about 1.6$, which is not much, but if you're afraid of buying the app, you can
get the free version to try it out for yourself!

The full version offers two modes: stealth and shoot mode. Stealth does not make any sounds and flash is disabled and shoot mode, as you might expect, contains shutter sound and comes with auto flash.

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