Tuesday, May 20, 2014

[APK] NO ROOT - Get DSP Manager, CyanogenMod Camera, Calculator, Launcher and Wallpapers On Your Android device!

CyanogenMod, one of the most famous and most used ROMs, has a bunch of extra special apps, such like special sound booster, DSP Manager, customizable launcher Trebuchet, and neat wallpapers. Till this day, you couldn't get these without having CyanogenMod ROM installed or you have to be rooed and had to flash some ZIPs in case to install them. Not anymore! "CM APPS" app now lets you to install these special CyanogenMod-only apps on your non-cyanogen and non-rooted device as well!

No questions asked. Just tap the app, download & install. That's pretty much all you need to do. Ain't that cool?


The app currently contains these apps:

• Apollo
• Clock widget
• DSP Manager
• File Manager
• Sound Recorder
• Calculator
• Torch
• Trebuchet
• Wallpapers

More apps coming very soon.


  1. hello..do you know how to find others ip address that not using wifi..it use data from network...and search for file on that phone...my friend can know what image i have on my mobile phone..and copied it witout my permission

  2. Hello John,

    If you want to retrieve person's IP or MAC adress, the device has to be on the same WiFi as your device.
    You cannot access your friend's phone and freely view his files, this is not possible.

  3. if same..how to do it?

  4. You can use various programs to do so such as dSploit, Faceniff or WifiKill. If your device is not rooted, though, you can easily retrieve it using this application:

  5. thank you bro!! now my phone its amazing