Thursday, May 8, 2014

[APK] Game Hacker - Game Hacking Made Easy

It is kind of a fashion thing to hack games, such as life, money, coins or whatever. There are many hacking apps out there but most of them are not quite complete. Most of them does not even work. Fortunately, there's one that works and offers all the features in one app! What is it? The Game Hacker.
Game Hacker is an amazing that works on all devices, has a cool interface and even more cooler features.
It's a complete hacking tool for games. Memory functions, adress changing, working speedhack and that all included in one app.

As mentioned, app also has the speed-hack feature, which lets you to speed up any game you want (this might be useful when waiting for coins, etc.). I've tried some speed hack features on other apps but did not find them working, this one has a cool pause the game and force speed hack feature, which will enable this feature on all apps.

Check the demonstration video of speedhack working on Auralux:

App is freeware and available for download:

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