Saturday, April 26, 2014

PORTED - Get Sony Xperia Z2 Apps On Your Android Device

Another amazing port coming from Jihnu Sur lets us to try out and enjoy the apps of a new Sony device - Xperia Z2. It's been a while from release and now you can savor the apps (including launcher) on your Android device!

This mod is created especially for Nexus 5, however it should also work well on Nexus 4 (and maybe on some more devices). In every case, though, make a nandroid backup before installing.

The update comes in all-in-one flashable zip so you need to be rooted.

Apps included in the update:

1) Home
2) Walkman - Fixed
3) Album
4) Movies.
5) Easy Home.
6) Notes
7) Sketch
8) Smart Connect
9) Social Life News.
10) Xperia Lounge
11) Social Life News.
12) Tools Widgets
13) Walkman Widget
14) Weather Widgets
15) Sony Xperia Z2 LWP
16) Calender
17) Sony Select

18) Facebook Integration.

1 comment:

  1. What does this offer over using the app settings module for xposed?