Saturday, April 19, 2014

Memory Locker - Lock Apps In Memory And Prevent Them From Auto-Killing

Every running app uses RAM and burdens the system. To prevent from slowing the system down and make it usable, there is something like auto-killer that literally kills the running app if needed (other words, when the memory is running down) and that may be sometimes not-helpful. Unfortunately, stock Android ROM doesn't offer us to lock apps in memory and prevent them from this auto-kill but this one app does - Memory Locker.

You know dat feel:

Playing a game, suddenly a friend texts, you minimaze the game to see what's happening, reply to friend and return to the game. And you realize your game re-opens again..All your progress...record...all again...

Not anymore.

Memory Locker works simple, easy. You choose which apps you want to lock to prevent them from killing (you can also choose system apps, of course), and the app does everything for you. And yes, root is needed.


App costs only 1.5$ and if you don't like it, you can refund it and get your money back. Money back guaranteed, as the author says.

PS: Don't try to "memory lock" too many apps at once.


  1. the second link don't work

  2. I got it to work, but the size of it is too big, the text goes out of my screen an there is no way to change the size. Any ideas? Using a S2

  3. Make sure you are running on TouchWiz. This widget is also made for 4.1.2 systems but it also may work with newer ones. I don't exactly know what the problem is but if you want, you can try this one and see what happens:

  4. Thanks for replying, I just ended out installing Wizzedkat rom on my S2. Went from jelly bean to S5's Touchwiz and Kitkat. Now my S2 has every feature of a S5 (weather widget to tranpaernt notification bar) and the computer even recognises it as a S5.

  5. 4.1.2 Probem loading widget :(