Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Knock Lock - Lock Your Phone By Tapping On The Display

The new LG's flagship G2 has revealed some new features to the world, for instance: tap2wake function, which enables the device's display by just tapping on it. It's fast, easy and simple. Now, there's a new function that's also as handy as the tap2wake function. It's called knock2sleep and as you might expect, it locks the device by tapping on its display. And how does it work? Meet the Knock Lock. 
Knock Lock is a very handy and useful app (also lightweight) that does one simple thing to your device. Turns it off. The elegant way. As mentioned before, it enables the "knock to sleep" function, which turns off the display whenever you double-knock your display.

Don't worry, the "knocking point" is very small and also can be set. All you need to do is to enable the app as an administrator of the device, set the knocking point (or leave it as it is) and you're done.

No root access needed.


You can see the letter K above on the first image. That's the knocking point. In default, it's up there in the status bar. The bad thing is, wherever your knocking point is, the display will not work. Well, it will work, but it won't be functional and accessable to other apps.

Either way, it's well-designed, nice, simple and lightweight app and it's free! And it definitely worths a shot:

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