Monday, April 21, 2014

Easily Control Your PC From Your Android Phone With Chrome Remote Desktop

You've probably heard of programs such like TeamViewer that are capable of something called remote desktop feature which mirrors the activity from your PC to other device. Chrome Remote Desktop lets you do excatly this and lets you to control your PC from your Android phone! Moreover, it's extremly smooth & easy to setup!

As mentioned above, it's extremly easy to setup this thing and extremly easy to run. Moreover, it's extremly smooth, TeamViewer looks like a laggy stuff compared to this one.


As you can see on the images, you can take absolute control of your/friend's PC and everything goes absolutely smooth and fast.

To setup this thing, you need to download two files,

Setup your PIN code, open your Android app, paste it in there and you're basically there.
If you tick the option to remember the PIN, you can access to your PC absolutely everytime. You don't really need to verify the PIN everytime you want to connect. Cool, isn't it?

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