Friday, April 11, 2014

[APK] Samsung Galaxy S5 - Wallpapers, Sounds, Launcher, Apps, Fonts = PORTED!

Although the Samsung's new flagship Galaxy S5 may not have been even released, we can already enjoy all the apps, wallpapers and even launcher! And guess, what: there are way more than this. Now you can download fonts, sounds, apps, boot animation, and just everything you need!

Well, let's get straight to it. The links are refering to its original XDA thread, so if you have any further question about the apps or experience any problems, you can drop a line right there.

Note also some of the apps listed may not work on all devices. As mentioned, report the problems to the threads.

The below apps will only work with a Touchwiz based device:

The below apps will only work with a Touchwiz 4.4 based device:

I'm also a human being (O RLY) so If I made a mistake anywhere in the links, please drop me a comment & I'll fix that. Enjoy!

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