Wednesday, April 30, 2014

[APK] New Google Search v3.4 = Parking Cards, Interface and more

New Google Search update v3.4 is "out" and brings up some new cool features such parking card, some interface updates and lots of minor updates. APK incoming!

So, what's new? You can expect this cool "parking card" showing you the current position of your parcked car, redesigned interface of reminders and also new list for nicknames (e.g. if you set Jane as your wife, you can just call her by saying "call my wife" and Google will recognize who to call).
Some screens of the new version:

Screenshot_2014-04-30-10-37-20SNP_41E06AC1936620A4B062D7846311F029CFDF_6024129_en_v02014-04-30 17.59.03

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