Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Screen Standby Turns The Screen Off While Also Keeping Your Device Active

This is a well-known problem that annoys the most of the Android fans. If you enjoy listenting songs on YouTube, you certaintly miss the audio playing while screen off. Not only YouTube listeners miss this problem but also Ingress players or streamers. Well, if you want to get this feature - you have an amazing opportunity thanks to Screen Standby app!

IF you often download a huge files over WiFi with keeping screen enabled, you probably know the overheating problems and a high battery drain. Screen Standby does the thing - it just simply turns your display off but also keeps your device active!

Screen Standby also offers remote controller feature, which mirrors your screen activity tou your PC. The app is an open source and the source can be found on the original XDA Thread.

It has a ton of customization and settings, such like Search Plugin, which enables the function using the Google Now gesture or by holding the search key (if your device does not support soft bar).

App is now available for free on Google Play Store, and if you want to try out the beta APKs, you can download them on the XDA thread. You can also find out more info, FAQ, source code and more.

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