Sunday, March 2, 2014

Lucid Launcher - A Slightly Different, Yet Beatiful and Handy Android Launcher

There are too many beautiful launchers out there but the problem is, they aren't really smart in any way. You have to click many,many times just to open your browser. And that's bad. Well, if you are looking for a beautiful but also smart and handy launcher, you might enjoy the Lucid Launcher - as I call it, A slightly different but still the same.

I am the type of a person that needs things to be beautiful and gorgeous but also insist to be useful. This is kinda problem because there are a bunch of beautiful launchers such like Themer but the problem is, I don't find this launcher all. On the other side, I like and currently use the Google Now Launcher - I appreciate the option to access the Google Now by just one swype of your finger. This makes things faster than any other launcher.

But then I tried the Lucid Launcher. It's fast, beatiful but also useful, handy and smart. It's also slightly different from the rest of launchers out there. But I'm sure, you will enjoy this change:

Lucid Launcher - screenshot thumbnailLucid Launcher - screenshot thumbnailLucid Launcher - screenshot thumbnailLucid Launcher - screenshot thumbnail

As you can see, browsing on the homescreen is different. Instead of horizontal swype, you swype your finger vertically to browse your widgets. To access apps, swype your finger to the right. If you want to quickly access your browser, swype to the letf, and you're there!

Lucid Launcher also offers a smart search function and sidebar which lets you to open your favourite apps quickly. As you can also see, launcher looks very beautiful and has the translucent (transparent) navigation bars for KitKat, which makes this launcher even more beautiful.

App comes in a free and paid version. If you want to support the developer and unlock some awesome stuff like page animations, sidebar themes, custom search text, transparency options and much more, I suggest you to buy the full version.

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