Thursday, March 20, 2014

Frequency - How Much Time Do You Spend On Your Apps?

Have you ever thought about how much time do you spend on your apps? Is it Facebook? WhatsApp? Or maybe some game? You could only guess. But now, with Frequency, you get cool statistics about how much time do you excactly spend on your favourite apps.

Can you even imagine the time spent over Facebook? Google+? Or other social apps? Or maybe games? Or our Android Hackz app? You can easily find out now with Frequency!

Frequency has a simple and slick interface, colorful design and many functions - you can sort apps, see the excact time and more.

If you're worried about your battery life, you can easily set the custom refresh interval of measuring the time, which will either improve your battery life but measuring will be less accurate.

The bad thing is, you have to re-lauch this app every time in a free version so if you want to take this app seriously, I suggest you to buy a pro version.

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