Sunday, March 30, 2014

[APK] Samsung Galaxy S5 Launcher Ported!

The new Samsung flagship called Galaxy S5 may hasn't even reached the market yet, but we already know how to root it and we also have the launcher ported! It may not be the same but comes with nice animations, original S5 icons and is really fast!

If you like the design of the Samsung TouchWiz, you may actually enjoy this launcher. It's highly customizable, really fast, and considering we don't even have the S5 it's pretty accurate with icons and stuff. It also comes with Android KitKat features such like transparent navigation bars and more.

As you can see on the pictures above, it's really slick and nice-looking due to the transparent bars, along with the icons and wallpapers. It also offers you a smooth animation (which can be customized), that gives the launcher the spirit of the TouchWiz.

I expect it to be updated after the S5 comes out, so be tuned! App is available for free on Google Play:

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