Saturday, March 1, 2014

[APK] Get Nokia X Browser To Your Android Phone

Nokia X - The first Nokia's phone powered by Android has brought a few new apps such like browser or the Nokia store. If you are curious about these apps, specifically browser, you can now try it out thanks to GalaxyUser - an XDA that has ported this app and made it available for all Android deivces.

Again, there's nothing special available on this Nokia browser but if you are curious about what  Nokia has to offer, give it a shot and see. I would also like to recommend this browser to low-end smartphones, the browser is light-weight, doesn't support many features, therefore if your device seems slow or has a poor CPU, you might actually enjoy this browser.

Your device does not have to be rooted in order to run this app. Just download and install in usual way - just like any others.

For more information, check the original XDA thread.

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