Friday, February 21, 2014

Nokia X with Android Shows Up On Photos

Have you ever wondered? A Nokia phone powered with Android? Soon, it will became reality! The Nokia Corporation is reportedly building the Nokia X - Fully powered Android phone by Nokia. Is it going to be a success? We'll see in three days!

Although this phone will be running on Android, we can see a lot of "Windows-ish" stuff like design, overall UI or even some apps - Nokia X will have the Nokia Store instead of Google Play and will have the Here maps also originally from Nokia (instead of Google Maps). User Interface also looks like the phone is running on Windows Phone. Other words, you won't even recognize the Nokia X is an Android phone:


The Nokia X is going to be revealed on 24th of February in Barcelona. The phone will be priced about 116$ and should also come in dual-SIM version.


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