Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hide Soft Keys And Enlarge Your Display With Ultimate Dynamic Navbar

Apart from hardware keys, soft keys offers to modificate the layout, colors and cannot be damaged in any way (unless you damage the display). On the other side, thanks to soft keys, the display is getting smaller and moreover, you can just accidentally press it while playing a game or something. What if you have an option to hide these soft keys and open them using, let's say, a gesture? Meet the Ultimate Dynamic Navbar.

Ultimate Dynamic Navbar hides the current soft keys layout and replace it with own customizable panel that hides automatically. However, if you want to access the bar again, you can open it back by a easy swype gesture.

Ultimate Dynamic Navbar Lite - screenshot thumbnailUltimate Dynamic Navbar Lite - screenshot thumbnailUltimate Dynamic Navbar Lite - screenshot thumbnail

UDN offers you a bunch of functions and features that the original stock navbar doesn't have:

- Hide just navigation bar and keep notifications bar.
- Customizable button layout and longpress actions on every button. Add up to 7 buttons to the panel!
- Transparency, color, complete customization of layout
- Tiny RAM consumption.( ~< 10MB of RAM)

Check the video for more information:

App comes as a free application on Google Play Store. However, if you want to support the developer and get some extra features, you can also buy a paid version. You also have the option to try out beta versions in the original XDA thread HERE.

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