Friday, February 7, 2014

Energy Bar - Amazing MIUI-Style battery indicator

Ever wanted to customize your device with style? Many people are using a simple battery icon to find out the battery percentage. But you can be different! Try Energy Bar and show your battery level with style!

Energy Bar is a simple and light app which, however, can be very useful for many of you. This app shows your current battery status in a very neat way by putting a colorful line on top of your screen, check the picture:

Energy Bar - screenshot thumbnail

This slight effect can be absolutely amazing if you customize it properly with your homescreen, change the colors or set the right thickness:

Energy Bar - screenshot thumbnailEnergy Bar - screenshot thumbnailEnergy Bar - screenshot thumbnail

This interactive UI is not only for effect but also nicely shows the current battery percentage. If you cannot estimate the status, set the multicolor feature which will change the color of the line according to actual status of your battery.

App is really lightweight, either as it puts 0% load on CPU or battery, either it only has 877Kb. App does NOT require root and is available on Google Play Store for free!

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