Monday, January 27, 2014

Xperia Z Keyboard Ported For All Android Devices

Another leak from the famous Sony device Xperia Z brings up an awesome stylish keyboard with all the original features - 3 themes, awesome words prediction, cool swype feature, multilanguage, customizable layout and more! Now you can get this app also on ICS!

The app is stable and should not make any problems on ICS/JB ROMs. The installation procedure is usual: flash the ZIP in recovery mode.


Don't forget to make a backup before flashing!

If the for some reason the CWM zip didn't work for you or the Keyboard doesn't appear in settings do this:

  •  Decompress the zip file. 
  •  Ignore the META-INF folder
  •  In the app folder, you'll find textinput-chn.apk (Mandarin Chinese keyboard) and textinput-tng.apk (English keyboard).
  •  You can move one or both into /system/app folder with ES File Manager/root explorer/etc. (or adb)
  •  Move lib/libXT9Engine into /system/lib
  •  Move usr/xt9 into /system/usr
  •  Reboot. If you still don't see the keyboard in your settings, install the apk with your file manager which should work with the libraries installed.

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