Thursday, January 16, 2014

Why you shouldn't charge your phone overnight?

The vast majority of people do that. Charging overnight. Unfortunately, most of the people also think it's completely harmless to your device and there's nothing bad about keeping your phone charge when it's already charged at 100%. But yes, it damages your phone. Continue reading for full explanation -

So, what's bad about that?
Here's the explanation:

If you charge your phone overnight, the battery is capable of fully charge within a few hours. It wouln't be any bad, if you unplug your cable and stop charging. The thing is, your phone continues charging. But not as you might think: firstly, the battery drains to about 95%, and then again, is charged back to 100%. This process repeats every time of every night. Well, still not much bad about that, do you think?

The real thing is, every battery has its charge limit.  What does that mean?

Lets say you battery has limit of 10,000 charges. After exhaustion of this limit, the battery stamina will be much more weaker and moreover, your phone may stop charging before 100%  (mostly stops at 94%).

Basically, every charge overnight damages the battery and shorts the stamina. Eventually, your battery will be that damaged that it won't hold any more energy to power your phone with.

Still going to charge your phone overnight? Consider the way!

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