Friday, January 24, 2014

[WALKTHROUGH] How To Undervolt Your Android Device Safely?

Changing the CPU voltage. What is it? Is it safe? Useful? How do I undervolt my Android device? You'll find the right answers right in this posts. Needless to say, undervolting your Android is extremly useful, though it requires very high responsibility and precaution because if you screw up the voltages, you can wave goodbye to your device.

So, what are the benefits of undervolting your Android device? Well, undervolting can save you much more battery, may increase performance and your device will stop overheating! And how to do such this thing?
Follow the walkthrough cautiously:

Before doing anything, ensure your kernel supports volting and you're rooted.
Please read the entire walkthrough just before you start.

  1. Firstly, download the voltage control app (HERE or HERE)
  2. You can see various voltages to certain frequencies (for example: 1000Mhz to 1250mV)
  3. As you might expect, to undervolt your device you need to lower the mV value
  4. Start slowly by lowering each frequency (Mhz) down by 25mV. (From 1250mV down to 1225mV).
  5. Proceed lower and lower..
As you keep continuing with undervolting your device, it will shut-down. Don't be worried. This procces is called the sleep of death (SOD), where the CPU has no more power to keep your device awake.
You can reboot your device by removing the battery (and putting it back, obviously) or hold the power button for a while.

The thing is, you need to remember the critical values (when the phone is capable of normal work and is not in SOD). To do this, you gotta need a paper with a pen and carefully watch the values just before your device shuts down.

If you're too lazy to do this, you can watch for the list of values tested by users. Always search the list for your device only.

Never check "set on reboot" option when testing the voltages, otherwise your phone will never boot back up!

If you don't want to undervolt your phone as much as possible, you don't have to. Just lower the voltage -50mV. Don't try to higher the voltage, it may boost the performance a bit, but causes an extreme damage to your battery - overcharge leads to the synthesis of cobalt oxide, which will permanently damage your battery.

If you have any question regarding this topic, drop a line down to comments.

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