Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tegra Overclock - Boost your Tegra device

More and more devices nowadays are using powerful processor from nVidia corporation called Tegra. These processors are very powerful using the quad-core processor and 12-core GPU. However, for most of the people it might not suffice, therefore they boost and overclock these processor to make the game experience even better. But how to overclock Tegra? Easy answer, try Tegra Overclock!

Tehra Overclock is a single app to control your nVidia Tegra 3 powered device. Obviously, it needs root access to work. This app is very useful in many ways.

App lets you either save power on your device or boost it by overclocking its cores.

Moreover, it lets you to lock FPS (Frames per second) which in turn saves a lot of battery!
App also lets you to set number of cores running, GPU overclock, undervolting, SD cache manager, Tegra thermal guard, vibration strenght control and more.

Tegra Overclock - screenshot thumbnailTegra Overclock - screenshot thumbnailTegra Overclock - screenshot thumbnail

App, though it's offering a bunch useful stuff might be a little overpriced on Google Play Store. It's available for 5$.

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