Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Jishnu's Camera - Improve Camera Quality on your Android Device!

Needless to say, the camera available on stock Android ROMs is not as good as it should be and some of you are probably looking for an improvement that will actually improve overall quality in pictures, video and audio of your stock camera. Well, I got one for you - Jishun's Camera.

So, what does this camera make for better video and picture quality? Check the log here -

  • Increased the image quality from 95 to 99
  • Reduced noise (max ISO) from 1600 to 1200
  • Increased the minimum FPS for 720p and 1080p videos
  • Set JPEG value to maximum (100)
  • Improved sharpness
  • And many, many more features!
Jihnu's camera is currently available for stock, CyanogenMod, OMNI-ROM and all AOSP-based ROMs. Installation procedure is simple -


For stock based ROMs - 

  1. Download Root explorer and navigate to /system/app
  2. Look for files - CameraApp.apk and CameraApp.odex
  3. Rename them to - CameraApp.bak and CameraApp.doex
  4. Download the camera mod
  5. Finally flash with recovery.
For CyanogenMod based ROMs -

  1. Download the mod
  2. Flash with recovery.

Don't forget to make a nandroid backup!

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