Sunday, January 19, 2014

How to open Samsung's Air Command without the S-Pen?

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 as every new device of Note generation, has brought a bunch of new features, tweaks and stuff. One of these features is the Samsung Air Command which brings up a fast tools like memo and others and which in default can be launched only using the S-pen. Well, not anymore - now you can launch the air command without even having the S-pen: by using the GMD Air Command Shortcut App!
Don't expect any customizable professional-made app, it's just a smart tool with one purpose - it lets you to open the Air command without the S-pen.

GMD Air Command Shortcut - screenshot thumbnailGMD Air Command Shortcut - screenshot thumbnail

This app does not require root access - only thing you need to have is a device that has the air command - such as Galaxy Note 3.

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